¬øQuien Es Mas Freakin’ Insane? Senorita Brandi Hawbaker or Senor Dutch Boyd

DutchandbrandiUrinating off a Bellagio balcony, asking Mike Matusow if he’s ever seen a man drink his own piss, telling PokerWire that if he’s missing on Day 3 it’s because Captain Tom Franklin shot him in the head, accusing Brandi Hawbaker of stealing his passport, and busting in on a Daniel Negreanu interview while looking through binoculars.

It was the Dutch Boyd show at the Five Diamond over the weekend, and his antics, along with the whole Brandi-Captain soap opera and stories about her blowing Mark Newhouse’s PokerStars’ bankroll but not him, have had the poker forums burning up like Brett “Gank” Jungblut on a week-long bender in Jamaica, and it’s had us asking: Who is more freakin’ nuts, Dutch or Brandi? Sure we know that answer is Dutch. The guy’s certifiable. But we’d thought we toss it out there in case anyone disagrees.

Instead of hashing out the details, after the jump are some links and videos to bring you up to speed.

=> Our Brandi Hawbaker post from yesterday with links to the 2+2 and NWP threads.

=> Some entertaining Pokulator.com videos to check out:

Dutch Boyd talks about threats from Captain Tom Franklin,

Dutch Boyd saying Brandi Hawbaker stole his passport.

Dutch Boyd and Brandi Hawbaker together talking about Dutch phone stalking her.

Brandi sounding like she has the IQ of a shoelace as she talks about her fans on the poker forums.

=> PokerListings.com’s Owen Laukkanen has a good write up on some of Dutch’s antics and the vibe over at the Bellagio.

=> Neverwinpoker’s Micon has been firing up the Dutch-Brandi-Captain drama and pointing us to some NSFW pics of a topless Brandi on the NWP forum.

=> The “Have You Seen a Man Drink His Own Piss?” video:

=> The Daniel Negreanu-Dutch interview:

By the way, if you don’t care about any of this, then go read about how potential OWCPG of 2007, Miss USA Tara Conner, was lip-sticking it to Miss Teen USA Katie Blair in their Trump suite, and if you don’t care about that, you must have missed the photos we posted of Tara Conner last Friday. And if you don’t care about that, did you really think Brokeback Mountain was a good movie? Seriously, the acting sucked, Heath Ledger sounded like Slingblade for two hours, and the dialogue and storyline blew ass, so to speak.


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