“Sir, I Challenge You To A Duel!” Will Spek Accept?

DduelBurr vs. HamiltonThe Duke of Wellington vs. the 10th Earl of WinchilseaKramer vs. KramerSealey vs. Spektacular?

Last week, we wrote about a press release issued by online blogger Spektacular. Spek is building a bankroll from $10 to…who knows?  But he’s currently over $600.

After seeing this, WCP reader Jeff Sealey, who you will see early next month on FSN playing in the Aussie Millions (where he finished fifth) thought of a wonderful, marvelous idea: “I’ll challenge this guy for some serious money," he thought marvelously.

Sealey, who has wicked online poker chops, will challenge Spek heads-up for Spek‚Äôs entire bankroll‚Äîexcept for the $10 that Spek started with.  So if Spek has $610 in his bankroll at the time of the match-up, the challenge will be for $600.  The parameters for this heads-up duel are as follows:

:: The game must take place on Paradise Poker (Sealey’s sponsor).
:: The game will be no limit texas hold’em.
:: Sealey will match Spek‚Äôs bankroll (minus the $10) for the prize.  So if Spek wins, he will double his bankroll (minus the $10). If Sealey wins, Spek goes back down to $10.
:: Spek can name the date and time, so long as it’s no earlier than Friday, April 14th (giving us ample time to promote it).

The first stone has been cast. Will Spek rise to the challenge?


6 Responses

  1. Jack

    March 28, 2006 6:03 pm, Reply

    Makes perfect sense for ol’ Spek…..take on a guy who is presumably a more experienced player, who recently won 150k, and has, as you say, ‘wicked poker chops’, straight up?
    If Sealey was half a man he’d lay his $600 10-1 for Spek…see what happens.
    What I find hysterical is “PR” people making fun of someone for a bullshit press release! Working the wires hard that day, huh?

  2. JSealey

    March 29, 2006 12:27 pm, Reply

    10-1 heads-up? Yeah, it’s worth putting up $6K to play a guy with a $600 roll. I don’t know about being “half a man”, but I would have to be using half of my brain to do something like that. It doesn’t matter if you win $160k or a million dollars, $6K is $6K. Anyone can win a heads-up match regardless of experience…ask Kenna James.

  3. snake

    March 29, 2006 12:54 pm, Reply

    yeh i wouldn’t pay much attention to yco there. one..he’s just no fun. simple as that. even Spek himself took our ribbing better than he did, and two, 10-1 on a heads up match is ridiculous no matter who it is.

  4. JSealey

    March 30, 2006 9:12 am, Reply

    Spek doesn’t want to play me for his whole roll, which answers the question if this was all about PR or not. He said he would play for $100, but that sort of defeats the purpose. He has been good-natured about this, so I will show up to one of his $10, $20, or whatever tournaments they are and play in one of those with him for fun. He doesn’t take himself quite as seriously as I thought he did. However, I am continuing my fight for ditch diggers’ rights everywhere (see my blog for the story behind that if you’re interested).

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