“Wicked Chops Poker” Now “Wicked Chops Baccarat”

alternate headline: “THE BONKING OF SIENNA MILLER“

UPDATED: alternate headline #2: “KLEINSTUB

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BaccaratAlways on the leading edge of what’s next in card playing, Wicked Chops Poker has decided to officially change its name to Wicked Chops Baccarat.

Yes, we anticipate this high-stakes game of chance and intrigue, first introduced into France from Italy during the reign of Charles VIII, to be the next big thing. It is already a favorite among Asian-Americans, as well as Asian people in Asia, and last I checked, there are a whole lot of them on this planet. I mean just think of the potential reader base. Plus the new Bond movie, Casino Royale, is about to be filmed, and from what I remember (googled) of Ian Fleming’s book of the same name, James Bond saves the world not because of some farfetched gadget but because he is one bad ass baccarat player. Seriously, think of all the teens around the world who will dream of one day becoming the world champ in baccarat after they see the new Bond flick.

Wait. What’s that you say? They rewrote the story for the new Casino Royale film, and instead of baccarat, 007 will be going heads-up in Texas Hold’em against the Russian Spy Le Chiffre?

Texas Hold’em at the Casino Royale? On the French Riviera?

Uh, ok . . .

So let‚Äôs forget everything I just said about Wicked Chops Baccarat. We‚Äôll stick with poker (Addict, can you change that banner back please? Thanks.). As for 007, we‚Äôre not so sure he should trade in the ‚ÄúHonda‚Äù for ‚Äúthe Cadillac,” if you catch my drift, just yet, and it seems many of his groupies aren‚Äôt so sure either. For us the reason is simple: the British have never even won a gold bracelet in the main event at the WSOP, and if you can‚Äôt beat a field full of Internet yahoos who got in from a $33 satellite, how do you expect to go mano a mano with Le Chiffre (oh, I can hear the hisses from across the pond now). But hey, I‚Äôm sorry, I don‚Äôt want to risk the fate of the world on some crazy Brit with a pipe dream. I mean, if it came down to “Bond ‚Ķ James Bond” and PokerStars.com final table regular “Kleinstub‚ĶMike Kleinstub“, I‚Äôd be on Ebay bidding for a piece of the true Texan quicker than Jude Law’s Alfie went to video (or quicker than the Brit jumped out of bed when his kid walked in on him with the ugly nanny).

NewbondWhich brings me to the point of this post: to share with you photos of Law’s ex-shag Sienna Miller. What’s the connection to James Bond? Well, Sienna apparently was “rodgering” the new James Bond, Daniel Craig (seen here at left pointing gun), who was also her costar in the so-so but worth-every-dollar-seeing-because-of-the-scene-of-her-in-the-hotel-room film Layer Cake (seen here at right unloading gun). LayercakeshotSienna and Craig apparently were ‚Äúbonking‚Äù on the set while her former fianc√© Jude Law, who I swear is a ‚Äútosser‚Äù and ‚Äúpoof,‚Äù was ‚Äúsnogging‚Äù and ‚Äúromping‚Äù the nanny as well as ‚Äúshagging‚Äù simultaneously Kate Moss and his ex-wife Sadie Frost, and I believe somewhere in there Craig ‚Äúgot a leg over‚Äù with Moss and Frost. And despite Craig‚Äôs American girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell finding out about him and Sienna ‚Äúboffing‚Äù, the two are still Sm3SmSm4Sm2



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  1. Póquer-Red

    November 10, 2005 3:02 pm, Reply

    James Bond se pasa al poker

    Esta noticia la vi comentada hace ya tiempo en Wicked
    Chops Poker, pero no había tenido tiempo hasta
    ahora de comentárosla. Resulta que en la próxima
    película de James Bond,
    Royale,basada en el primer libro de la

  2. The New bOND

    February 22, 2006 8:10 pm, Reply

    I do give you permission to use my like ness in a fake picture with the new bond girl…
    Chicago “KLeinstub Bond” Slim
    AKA The UMP

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