19 Year-Old UGA Freshman Jeff Williams Wins EPT Grand Final

JeffwinnerJeff Williams, a 19 year-old freshman from the University of Georgia, has won the EPT Grand Final at Monte Carlo.

For the win, Jeff banks ‚Ǩ900,000–easily enough beer money for the next for years of college–or to make him very appealing to any of the unbelievably attractive sorority girls on campus. 

So not only does the kid kind of look like Bobby Baldwin, but he’s got the wicked poker chops of the guy, and is starting to get paid like him too.  Nice work.

Arshad Hussain, no relation to Saddam, because their last names are spelled differently and all, came in second.  Marcel Luske finished seventh.

For a live blogging breakdown, check out the Poker Stars blog.

*Photo from Poker Stars blog.


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