2 Robbers, 3 Shots & 200 Quarters

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No, the above is not the title to a new Guy Ritchie film, it’s the subject of this week’s installment of "You Can’t Make Up Poker News Like This", the new weekly series from Wicked Chops Poker scheduled to appear here either bi-monthly, quarterly or every so often (but definitely not weekly). This time we’re passing along an AP story about a home poker game in Dunedin, Florida that got robbed by gunpoint. Details are sketchy but the jist of it, as thoroughly reported by the AP, is:

"Two robbers held up a Dunedin poker game for $50 in quarters, wallets and cell phones. One of the players ran rather than be robbed and was shot three times. Michael Butler, 42, is recovering from surgery after being airlifted to the hospital. The host of the weekly game says he recognized one of the robbers as a former neighbor. No arrests have been made."

So in light of the above, you have to ask yourself . . .

which is more embarassing:

(1) Having your weekly "quarters" poker game robbed;
(2) Having it known that your weekly poker game is for quarters — 200 to be exact;
(3) Getting shot three times by the robbers because you decided to run instead of handing over your quarters; or
(4) Having it known that you robbed your ex-neighbor’s poker game for quarters, shot up one of the players after he failed to hand over his quarters, you are now wanted for attempted murder as a result of shooting him over quarters and the only real loot you walked away with was 200 quarters.

Try to answer without saying "all of the above."

For the full newspaper story, which is no more fuller than above, click here.


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  1. Bob Murphy

    April 13, 2005 12:03 pm, Reply

    You know, it was never really determined what kind of quarters they were. Coins or bags?……..Think about it.
    “Will the real Bob Murphy please stand up?”

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