20 Greatest “B-Side” – Vinnie Vinh’s Chair Crushes All

No one can compare to this chair.

No one can compare to this chair.

Like yesterday’s B-Side, the above photo of Vinnie Vinh’s chair making a deep 2007 WSOP run certainly garnered enough votes to make the 20 Greatest Poker Pic of All Time list. But like Freddy Deeb trying to get on the rollercoaster ride at New York New York Casino, he came up just short.

Maybe had Vinnie Vinh’s chair gone on to make some recent deep runs we’d reconsider. Maybe if Vinnie Vinh’s chair had spent some time on the GPI (or appeared in the background of an Alex Dreyfus selfie) it would have squeaked in. Perhaps a November NineTM run where it knocked out two-time WSOP champ Dennis Phillips would’ve secured a spot. Alas, we’ll never know, because it didn’t happen.

What DID happen though was truly awesome. At the 2007 WSOP, Vinnie Vinh’s chair cashed for an unprecedented $28k+.

How exactly did that happen?

On two different occasions just two weeks apart, Vinh failed to show up for play as an in-the-money big stack, letting his chair grind out the cash (finishing 20th and 22nd, respectively). You’d think Vinh’s chair would’ve been happy with $28k and called it a Series. But then you’d be wrong. After building up a big stack during the 2007 WSOP Main Event Day 1D flight, Vinh bailed after dinner break and turned it over to his chair once again. Unfortunately, his chair failed to recapture the magic and busted before cashing this time.

Rumors ran rampant about why Vinh kept bailing. Vinh had lost weight and was as jittery as a downtown Fresno street walker, leading some to believe he was a major client of Walter White. We actually got to speak to Vinh on Day 1D, and he gave us some convoluted story about backers and something something it was complicated and what huh um ok.

Whatever the case, Vinh’s chair lives on in WSOP infamy.

The 20 Greatest Poker Pics of All Time continues on Monday…


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