200 People We Hope Look More Like Joanna Krupa than Joe Stillman Will Compete for Strip Poker Title in London

Med_joannakrupamaximapril116_2Paddy Poker is organizing a publicity stunt that could go horribly awry by making you go blind the inaugural World Strip Poker Championship at the (soon to be much less) prestigious Cafe Royal in London tomorrow. Around 200 strip poker players will disrobe, exposing pounds of likely fanstatically flabby flesh, hoping to nab 10,000 pounds in prizes.

What makes people think that watching a bunch of people play strip poker that no one wants to see play strip poker is beyond us. Regardless, Paddy Poker obviously thinks the idea is “brilliant!” A spokesperson for Paddy said that men and women from 12 countries will vie for the money, fame, and glory associated with winning their Gold Fig Leaf trophy, which is right up there in the prestige category with winning the WSOP Main Event, except significantly less.

Pokerathlete_2_1To compete, constestants must wear five clothing items supplied by Paddy. To keep chafing at a minimum, contestants will also be given a towel to sit on. And just in case contestants are hung like Nick “AAA” Lachey or are really fug, they’ll be given a towel to cover themselves when completely naked, because no one wants to see that shit.

The Paddy spokesperson added, "Inappropriate behaviour," will not be tolerated. However, since there is no mention of smoking hot models like poker player Joanna Krupa (upper right) or FOWCP Lacey Jones participating in this, we gotta assume the worst, because that’s what we do, which means that spectators will likely be watching some 350 lbs schlub (like, say, #22 here) with a hairy back and moles that would make Men the Master proud getting buck naked, which seems pretty fucking inappropriate to us.

What does seem appropriate though are pics of Joanna Krupa after the jump, which may be inappropriate if you are at work.

For even more appropriate/inappropriate pics of Joanna Krupa check out her Ian Scott photoshoot here (well done Ian, whoever you are) and Hef’s collection here.




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  1. jason

    August 18, 2006 10:29 am, Reply

    oh my is Jessica a cunt for letting the world know Nick ain’t packin much. i suppose she never even knew better til she started bangin other dudes.
    and love the Nick ‘AAA” Lachey. that name’s gotta stick. nice work.

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