2006 WSOP H.O.R.S.E. : A Lot of Guys You’ve Heard of Are in the Money

The highly anticipated H.O.R.S.E. event at the 2006 WSOP is bringing out the best in the best. While Day 2 is not yet complete, the field is still replete, which is a word that sounds like complete but means "abundant" or "abounding," with Big Gamers and big namers.

The event has even brought out the best in…dare we say…Card Player? Their live blogging team mined some legit gems during Day 2 play, including:

Gavin Smith: "If they’re gonna make fun of me for playing every hand, I’m gonna start playing tight."
Layne Flack (from the rail): "If you’re gonna play every hand, don’t look.  Don’t look at your cards – that’ll really throw them off."


"I just about violated one of my cardinal rules," Doyle Brunson says as he folds his small blind.  Somebody asks him which, but he replies, "I can’t tell you."
And even:

TJ Cloutier: "[Rounders] was okay, but they stole a bunch of stuff from my books and didn’t give me any credit."
Gavin Smith: "How much of those books did you even write? I’ve played with you and read your books and the two aren’t close to the same thing." 

At 17 hours and counting, Day 2 play just whittled down to two tables. At the time of publishing, Jim Bechtel was big stacked at 1,150,000. Chip Reese, who amazingly has only cashed in two other WSOP events in the past 10 years prior to today, is second overall with 758,000. Another Big Game regular you may or may not have heard of–Doyle Brunson–is third overall with 695,000. They are followed by the following laundry list of all-time poker greats and soon-to-be-all-time poker greats (in order): David Singer, Patrick Antonius, T.J. Cloutier, Gavin Smith, Dewey Tomko , Andy Bloch, Robert Williamson III, Joe Cassidy, Barry Greenstein, Phil Ivey, David Levi, Rafael Perry, and Cong Do.

Follow the continuing action “live” at Card Player.

In other WSOP tournament news…

:: Phil Gordon is still alive in Event # 21 ($2,500 NLH short-handed) and trying to join best friend Rafe Furst in the Tiltboy 2006 WSOP winner’s circle. Gordon is stacked at 35,000. Bill Lewis leads the way at 135,000. Other notables remaining include Harry Demetriou, Joe Beevers, and Kenna James. No one else remaining is notable.

:: Clare Miller, a woman, won the $1,000 No-Limit Hold’em Seniors tournament, taking home a pension of $247,814.


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