2007 WSOP Fantasy League Updates

In a follow-up story to the wildly anticipated ESPN and RawVegas.tv/"ThePokerBiz" 2007 WSOP fantasy leagues, Chops, of Wicked Chops Poker, leads both leagues almost halfway through the competition.

In the RawVegas.tv/"ThePokerBiz" league, here are the standings:

Chops 148, Gavin Smith 73, Andrew Feldman 50, Michele Lewis 49.5, Lance Bradley 27.5, Peter Feldman 25, Daniel Negreanu 6

These standings do not include Thor Hansen’s final table finish for Chops. We’re not saying Bodog got the odds wrong, but we’re ARE saying that Bodog got the odds wrong. So I guess we’re saying Bodog got the odds wrong.

In the ESPN league, the standings as of Monday morning were:

RawVegas/WickedChops (Chops): 97 points, Kwick and easy (Paul Wasicka): 96, Better than OJ (Peter Feldman): 92, WiseHandPoker (Gary Wise): 85, Win One For the Kids (Bernard Lee): 70, Don’t steal my blinds (Andrew Feldman): 65, Full Contact Fantasy Poker (Daniel Negreanu): 55, The Pier 32 Zuckers (Jordan Morgan): 43, Oh Canada! (Gavin Smith): 35, New Cut Crew (Steve Dannenmann): 13, No Twenty Somethings Please (Mark Seif): 10

More updates to follow so long as Chops is winning. For making you read this, a pic of this week’s upcoming Parting Shot girl from Argentina, Carolina Pampita Ardohain, after the jump.



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