2007 WSOP Main Event: A Euro Who Wears Scarves Is Chip Leader

Dariominieri5503There are 337 players remaining going into Day 4 of the 2007 WSOP Main Event. Leading the way is this guy to the right, Dario Minieri. Right now you’re probably thinking to yourself, "Hmm, this guy has gotta be from Europe. Or San Franscico (Cuba District). Or possibly Midtown Atlanta. Or according to a google search the Entities really hope their wives don’t stumble upon, Davie Village in Vancouver, Greenwich Village in NYC, or um, Boystown in Chicago.

Anyway, for those of you who thought "European," you are correct. Minieri hails (Caesar) from Rome, Italy. He’s stacked at 2,398,000. The next closest in the field is Jeff Weiss, stacked at 1,533,000.

Plenty of big names are still around. Our favorite table (29) of Day 4 includes Peter "Nordberg" Feldman (284,000), Carlos Mortensen (284,000), and Darrell "Deep" Dicken (215,000).

Other notables include at table 30, Atlantan Matthew Hilger (310,000); at table 33 Tobey Maguire (131,000); Simpsons co-creator Sam Simon (172,000) is at table 36; at table 37 is Gus Hansen (1,044,000); international man of mystery Tinten Oliver (115,000) is at table 41; at table 44 is Humberto Brenes (210,000); Hasan Habib is at table 53 (127,000); at table 59 are Daniel Alaei (299,000) and Scotty Nguyen (321,000); 62 is another killer table with "The American Dream" Bill Edler (673,000), Robert Fucking Varkonyi (424,000), and Jared Hamby (379,000); old-timers Berry Johnston (203,000), Tuna Lund (68,000), and Billy Baxter (105,00) are at table 65; Jason Lester (439,000) is at table 69; Howard Stern’s love-child Isaac Haxton (791,000) is at table 70; Huck Seed (544,000) is at table 72; and at table 75 are Lorenzo Lamas (454,000) and Thor Hansen (342,000).

* Image from Poker Pages.


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  1. CJ

    July 13, 2007 8:21 am, Reply

    Dario is for real… last year he was crushing before he got seated at a table with Dmitri Nobles (who, frankly, was borrowing my remarkable Luckbox skills).
    Anyway, Dario was convinced he could absorb a big part of Dmitri’s stack so instead of staying away from the only stack that could hurt him, he went after it. One ill-advised move later and he was on life-support. I watched the whole thing happen (as I was covering Dmitri)… and was shocked.

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