2008 ESPN Fantasy Poker League III Draft Live Blogging For Some Reason

Ok…the third annual ESPN WSOP Fantasy Poker Draft is set to begin around 4:15 EST. As Entity Chops will be participating, we’ll be live blogging the selection process. Last year, Chops held the lead going into the $10k PLO + rebuys event, but was overtaken by eventual winner Gavin Smith. The draft order has just been released. It is below.

Gavin Smith / Lance Bradley / Joe Sebok / Mark Seif / Peter "Nordberg" Feldman / Andrew "Mordberg" Feldman / Daniel Negreanu / Gary Wise / Bill Edler / Bernard Lee / Chops

Check back around 4:15 EST for more…

4:20 EST – Draft hasn’t started yet but Gary Wise brought up this engaging vid where Allen Kesseler talks about beastiality.

4:25 EST – We’re all waiting on Gavin to get here. He’s first pick.

4:35 EST – Gavin still not here so moved to the last pick…Lance starts it off with Allen Cunningham.

4:40 EST – Good link sent to us during the draft here.

4:41 EST – Worst live blog ever?

4:50 EST – ……

5:15 EST – If you think this live blog is brutal, you should actually be part of this draft.

5:18 EST – Sebok is falling asleep. Nordberg is beating his head against a wall.

5:20 EST – Sebok instant analysis: Top to bottom, side to side, my team is mighty dominant.  I would lay a large amount of money on this.  Fo sho.  Nordberg’s team is easily the weakest.  His picking style was laughable, at best.  Seebs out.

5:25 EST – Nordberg instant analysis: Well I think I have a good team. The success of my team hinges on the Internet players I took. Sebok: Who’s your team? Nordberg: I don’t remember. Oh I did take Jordan Rich. He’s a pain in the ass to play against. So he must be good.

Here are the list of teams:

Lance – Allen Cunningham / Andy Bloch / Gus Hansen / Michael Mizrachi / Sorel Mizzi / Berry Johnston / Roland De Wolfe / Andy Black

Sebok – Barry Greenstein / Scott Clements / Gavin Griffin / Tom Dwan / Steve Sung / Cory Carroll / Thor Hansen / Brian Devonshire

Seif – Daniel Negreanu / Ted Forrest / David Chiu / Chau Giang / Howard Lederer / Huck Seed / Annie Duke David Benyamine

Nordberg: Phil Hellmuth / Robert Mizrachi / Freddy Deeb / Justin Bonomo / Danny Wong / Shannon Shorr David Williams / Jordan Rich

Andrew Feldman: Phil Ivey Paul Wasicka Chad Brown Brandon Cantu Jeffrey Lissandro Jeff Madsen Mark Seif Bill Chen

Negreanu’s All-Asian Spectacular: John Juanda / Men Nguyen / Kenny Tran / John Phan / Johnny Chan / Anna Wrobielski / Toto Leonidas / Minh Nguyen (since the draft Negreanu, who missed the call, was allowed to drop Anna, Toto, Kenny, and Minh and pick up Scott Fischman, Mark Gregorich, Bill Gazes, and Ralph Perry)

Gary Wise: Chris Ferguson / Michael Binger / Humberto Brenes / David Singer / Tom Schneider / Alex Kravchenko / Minh Ly / Daniel Alaei

Edler: Erick Lindgren / Nam Le / Josh Arieh / John Hennigan / Alex Jacob / John Gale / Lee Markholt / Joe Tehan

Bernard Lee: Erik Seidel / David Pham / Patrik Antonius / Lee Watkinson / Todd Brunson / Robert Williamson Eric Lynch / Vivek Rejkumar

Chops: "Salty" Joe Hachem / The spectacularly breasted J.C. Tran / Scotty Nguyen / Jonathan Little / Carlos Mortenson / Greg Raymer / Joe Sebok / Darrell "Deep" Dicken

Gavin Smith: Bill Edler / Gavin Smith / Max Pescatori / Jordan Morgan / Amnon Fillipi / Mike Matusow / Chris Bell / Peter Feldman


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  1. Mohammad

    November 23, 2015 1:13 am, Reply

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