2008 WSOP Ginger of the Day

Mark Vos, a ginger, playing cash game in the Amazon Room at the 2008 World Series of Poker

We couldn’t help but notice on the fantastic Poker Crack forum that an interesting topic broke out on the "Ask Mark Vos" thread. Specifically, poster Harley asked Vos, "What is it like to have red hair."

Vos replied: "It’s kinda like being unfunny and a little bit overweight like yourself Harley… except without the ridicule and girls not sleeping with you."

We assume that this is all in good spirit, and we have nothing but mad respect for Mark Vos and his game. But he is a ginger, which means he has no soul, so as poster red+black warned: "Mark’s time will come: 2008 WSOP Ginger of the Day."

Good call, red+black. The above photo is of Mark Vos, a ginger, playing a cash game in the Rio Amazon Room this morning with his laptop by his side, likely checking the Poker Crack forum.


* Editor’s Note: For those of you who have bumped into us in the hallway asking what exactly a ginger is, watch this or the full Ginger Kids episode here.


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