2008 WSOP Guide: Get the F’ Outside and Go to Lake Mead

Whew. 30 consecutive days of writing 2008 WSOP Guide updates. That was exhausting.

Well, less than 24 hours before the 2008 World Series of Poker begins and we’re already thinking about reasons why we can get out of the Rio. As members of the so-called "media," we, along with the poker players, turn into figurative vampires during the WSOP. After six weeks we all end up like milky white schlubs.

Which is why getting outside every now and then is so important.

And what better place to go than Lake Mead. Get a boat. With hot girls. And you’re set.

[Bedlam Ensuing Warning] With the remaining two Entities Snake and Addict’s arrival in Las Vegas, our official 2008 WSOP coverage begins tomorrow…so check back regularly for updates galore.

Las Vegas Lake Mead video


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