2008 WSOP Update: Day 2A Begins Today

2008_wsop_2Yesterday was an off day from the 2008 WSOP Main Event. So let’s clean up a few loose ends going into Day 2A play.

:: Total Main Event Entrants – 6,844 (second largest total ever)
:: Net Prize Pool – $64,333,600
:: First Place Prize – $9,119,517
:: Total Spots Paid Out – 666 (could they not just pay out 667 or 665??? would that have been such a difficult call?)

Top five chips going into today’s Da 2A are: Mark Garner (194,900), Ben Sarnoff (177,500), Brandon Adams (176,450), Brian Schaedlich (160,725), and Kellen Hunter (155,200).

Some other notable big name big stacks include: Robert Mizrachi (142,400), Kido Pham (120,650), Mark Vos, a ginger (113,200), "Glum Girl" Svetlana Gromenkova (94,125), and Erick Lindgren (92,325).

Play starts at noon PST. Remember to catch the Entities on Poker Road Radio here at 11:25am PST.


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  1. JackAce

    July 8, 2008 9:37 am, Reply

    And why should they change the number of paid spots? Is it because the Boogie Man is going to get them if they don’t? I’d wager that they purposely chose that number.

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