2008 WSOP Update: Our Favorite Scarf-Wearing Euro Wins First Bracelet; Chris “Jesus” Ferguson Goes for His Sixth

While our photog was getting busted and Phil Ivey and Jerry Buss were chatting it up, there was actually some great poker going on at the Rio last night. Update time…

Poker player Dario Minieri holding Queens, wins 2008 WSOP bracelet:: Event #31 ($2,500 No Limit Hold’em Six-Handed) – Our favorite scarf-wearing Euro, Dario Minieri (photo), took this one down. He beat Seth Fischer heads-up for the title, winning his first bracelet and banking $528,418. In what probably contains no irony at all, Dario’s winning heads-up hand was pocket Queens. Not that Dario goes that way, even though most Euros are definitely more sexually "open" than U.S. Americans. In fact, we’d wager that that little guy probably bags more chicks than KFC. Mostly because European girls are more sexually "open" than just about anywhere else in the world, and that includes girls who grew up in Florida. So actually why are we ripping on Euros? They hardly work, their money is worth more than ours, and they’re doing it like all the time. Bastards. This is a poker blog, right? Get full chip counts here.

Rest of the update after the jump . . .

:: Event #32 ($1,500 No Limit Hold’em) – Another "friends and family" final table. Only thing of note is that the guy who is stacked sixth overall, Shane Stacey, if you Davidson Matthewed his name to Stacey Shane, well, Stacey Shane sounds like a totally hot porn star. Chip counts here.

:: Event #33 ($5,000 Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo) – Great final table on this one. Sebastian Ruthenberg, who was not necessarily who we were referring to in the previous sentence, is chip leader, stacked at 663,000. He’s followed by Chris "Jesus" Ferguson with 434,000. This is Ferguson’s second final table at the 2008 WSOP (he finished 10th in another) and he is going after his sixth bracelet. Also remaining include Marcel Luske (308,000), Annie Duke, a woman (277,000), and Steve Sung (207,000).

:: Event #34 ($1,500 Pot Limit Omaha w/ rebuys) – 320 runners bought into the latest PLO event, creating a first place prize of $577,725. Chip leader is Frank Vizza with 408,000. Some notable big name big stacks include Layne Flack (189,500), Ted Forrest (163,000), Clonie Gowen, a woman (117,500), Barny Boatman (117,500), Erik Seidel (91,000), and Jeff Williams (81,000). Get full chip counts here.

:: Event #35 ($1,500 Seven Card Stud) – Let’s just make everyone’s life easier and say get the chip counts here.

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