2009 WSOP Girls on the Rail: Meet the Future Mrs. Greenstein or Negreanu

Holy Schnikees...

Holy Schnikees...

An on-going joke of ours at this year’s WSOP is every time we see a hot Asian, we say, “There goes the future Mrs. Greenstein/Negreanu.” It just never ceases to be funny. FOWCP and producer of The TOKE, Newby, is also majorly into A’s, so he appreciates it. And 1/3 of the Entities Who Comprise Wicked Chops Poker is married to someone who is 1/2 A, so that kind of gives us immunity in making jokes about our Long Duck Dong friends from the Far East.

Anyway, we’ve had Ass Girl, THO Girl, BAM! Girl and now we introduce to you: Mt. Fuji. A few things about Mt. Fuji: 1) LOVING the trend of girls showing up in bikinis. Can somebody give us a nipple slip already? 2) Is Mt. Fuji a potential entry into the Girls on the Rail Hall of Fame? You’ll get to decide when we put out the ballots in a few weeks.

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