2009 WSOP Guide: Las Vegas Clubs

Watch Girls Kissing Girls at Lavo Nightclub Las Vegas on RawVegas.tv

The 2009 World Series of Poker is just two weeks away, so we're probably a little overdue to begin our annual WSOP Guide.

We'll kick off this year's guide with a look at one of the best (and most expensive) ways to blow-off some WSOP steam: Las Vegas clubs. However, we're not starting this year's WSOP Guide with Las Vegas clubs completely and solely because we have a semi-NSFW video of the Hot Girls Kissing Girls Contest at LAVO last night. Except replace "we're not starting" with "we're totally starting."

We always thought that "the hot lesbian couple" was kind of an urban myth. However, this video completely and utterly proves that wrong. Watch the above video for all of its hot-girl-tongue-action goodness and click the below links for a more in-depth look (with less girl tongue action) of the Las Vegas club scene.

Lavo Bathhouse
Christian Audigier, The Nightclub (not to be confused with Cristian Dragomir, The Fragrance)
Jet Nightclub
LAX Nightclub
PURE Nightclub


2 Responses

  1. Bronson

    May 14, 2009 6:32 am, Reply

    Thanks for making my afternoon. this is the best blog post I’ve seen all day.
    6 things to do before I die:
    Step 1. Win WSOP seat in satellite tourney.
    Step 2. Win WSOP.
    Step 3. Find Lavo Nightclub.
    Step 4. Run my own contest & select winners.
    Step 5. Explain contest t&c’s to winners ;).
    Step 6. Seal the deal & die a happy man.

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