2009 WSOP Guide: Visit These Sites

We'll be continuing our Girls on the Rail feature this year as well, much to this hot blondes delight.

The World Series of Poker is too big for just one media outlet to cover. Fortunately the powers that be at the WSOP recognize this and do a great job managing and regulating a number of content providers to give poker fans a full view of the happening (even if that full view includes Girls on the Rail). Here are our recommended picks for reading during the 2009 WSOP.

WSOP.com: Get chip counts and full tourney reporting.
BluffMagazine.com: Stepped up their online reporting efforts the past year or so, lots of timely and relevant news.
PokerListings.com: Solid coverage, often with a funny take.
Tao of Poker: Dr. Pauly is the hardest working man in poker, and is a staple and fixture of WSOP reporting.
Pokerati.com: Good scoops and perspective, tons of updates.
PokerRoad.com: More pro perspective than you'll find anywhere else, plus the awesome Poker Beat and other shows.
ESPN.com: Aside from keeping track of the Fantasy Draft (oh crap that's today), the Poker Edge podcast are worth the price of admission (which is free, but whatever) alone.
Poker Stars Blog: Otis keeps this a great source of news for the site that most of you probably won your WSOP entries from.
RawVegas.tv: Between our new episodes of The TOKE (our fave from last year below, the Girls of the GLE), plus Daniel Negreanu vlogs (and many, many more pros this year, more on that later), a great video source of WSOP action.

Watch Girls of the GLE on RawVegas.tv


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