2009 WSOP Main Event Plays Down to Final Table Tonight on ESPN

After 197 episodes, the 2009 WSOP Main Event finally plays down to the final table–or as we call it, The November NineTM–on ESPN tonight.

Unlike 2007 (effing brutal) and 2008 (almost as effing brutal), there was a lot of “electricity” among us in the so-called “media” as the field got smaller and smaller in the WSOP Main Event.

Phil Ivey possibly making the final table obviously played a huge part in creating that buzz, but there really are some intriguing story lines that we’ll see in tonight’s episode of the WSOP on ESPN as they play down to the November NineTM. Will Jeff Shulman, who is making his second WSOP final table of the decade, really throw the bracelet into the garbage if he wins? Can Darvin Moon, a ginger logger who doesn’t even have an email address, literally come out of nowhere and bank over $8M? Can Joe Cada become the second youngest Main Event winner in a row? Can Antoine Saout prove that France can actually win something…anything?

Below are some of our favorite posts from that day. Look for Dr. Pauly‘s always stellar recap sometime later today/tomorrow (right Pauly?) here. And finally in semi-related news, watch the new Inside Deal here.

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