2009 WSOP Main Event Update: Esfandiari Charging, Schneider Holding Strong

Watch Peter Eastgate Has Had Better Days on RawVegas.tv

Player eliminations have finally slowed down at the 2009 WSOP Main Event. After a quick run of bust-outs, we’re hanging in with about 115 remaining.

While this can change quickly, as of post-time Billy Kopp is the chip leader, stacked at 4,660,000. He’s followed by Charlie Elias with 4,400,000.

Tom Schneider (3.8M), Antonio Esfandiari (2.2M), and Phil Ivey (1.8M) are among the other big named big stacks.

As you can see in the above vid, Peter Eastgate was having a bad day, getting knocked down to around 400k at one point, but is currently back up to around 750k. He’s currently at the featured table with Dennis Phillips, the spectacularly-breasted J.C. Tran, and “Salty” Joe Hachem.

Both of our two Last Woman StandingTM are still alive. Nichoel Peppe has about 1.1M and Leo Margets has around 550k.


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  1. Newby

    July 13, 2009 6:35 pm, Reply

    Please e-mail me offline so we can discuss the emotional implications captured in the above video. I really want you to get the point of it. Really.

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