2009 Year in Review: Annie Duke on Celebrity Apprentice + We Owe Her Dinner

Watch Annie Duke on the Russ Hamilton Ultimate Bet Scandal and The Apprentice on RawVegas.tv

Continuing on our 2009 Year in Review, dominating some of our posts in Q’1 of the year was Annie Duke‘s appearance on The Celebrity Apprentice.

From the bj comment to the “who was on the other line” moment to her epic feud with Joan Rivers (which was almost as epic as this high-five) to the fact she should’ve won and The Donald even made it seem like she won but then she didn’t…Annie was one of the most talked about figures in all of pop culture this year.

She talks about her appearance on the Celeb Apprentice in the above vid, as well as the fact that we probably owe her a dinner at N9ne Steakhouse now that it’s been a year and she has not signed with Full Tilt like we thought she would. It’s pretty much one of the only rumors we’ve reported and totally whiffed on. See, we’re man enough to admit when we’re wrong. Except we weren’t wrong. Our source was wrong. So fuck you, source.


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  1. shle896

    December 16, 2009 6:33 am, Reply

    Joan Rivers won fair and square! On their final challenge, they had four objectives and Joan won THREE out of FOUR.

    Annie Duke is very smart and talented, but her downfall was her own ego and hubris. She simply underestimated Joan Rivers and Joan’s experience and intelligence and just didn’t play the game as well as Joan did.

    Nevermind that Annie Duke was a liar and a cheat. This was some good television! I so much enjoyed watching Joan wipe the floor clean with Annie!

    It was a well-deserved win for Joan Rivers, who has spent her 40+ year career as the “comeback kid”. Joan RULES!

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