2009 Year in Review: Ass Girl and Other Girls on the Rail

Good gracious ass is bodacious.

Good gracious ass is bodacious.

Six months after it happened, we still get multiple Google search hits a day for “ass girl wsop.”

Whoever this girl is with the near perfect ass lifted the profile of WSOP Girls on the Rail potentially forever.


When we do our Girls on the Rail Hall of Fame voting later this week, Ass Girl is an almost certain lock for first ballot induction.

On that note, as one of our final Year in Review posts, relive some of the best Girls on the RailĀ from the 2009 WSOP:

Ass Girl Really Happened
Brad Garret’s Girlfriend Is a Role Model
Too Bad She’s Not Asian
Jack Links Beef Jerky Is the Juiciest
Brad Garrett, Jason Alexander, Gavin Smith on GOTR HOF

More Girls on the Rail here.


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