2010 Poker Hall of Fame Nominees – Who Do You Like?

Rachel Nordtomme is a lock for first ballot induction into our Girls on the Rail Hall of Fame...voting starts next week.

Nominees for the 2010 Poker Hall of Fame have been announced. Not sure who we’re voting for yet–or if we’re voting for any of them.

Here’s the list, along with some thoughts on each:

:: Chris “Jesus” Ferguson – Has a Main Event win, five bracelets, is a Full Tilt founder, but hasn’t done much lately…or enough yet.
:: Barry Greenstein – Probably five more years of relevance away from a vote.
:: Jennifer Harman-Traniello – Not done enough yet. Plus didn’t she get elected into the Woman’s Poker Hall of Fame? Isn’t that enough for one year?
:: Dan Harrington – On the fence with Dan last year, still on the fence this year.
:: Phil Ivey – Tough one. If you vote for Ivey, you have to vote for Seidel. Feels like it’s postponing the inevitable not voting for Ivey at this point, but probably another couple of years away. However, anyone that doesn’t vote for Ivey is a racist.
:: Linda Johnson – Can see her getting the sentimental, “she’s such an ambassador!” vote. Not sold on her yet. Intrigued though.
:: Tom McEvoy – He might be a posthumous electee. Probably deserves more credit than he gets. Probably not getting a vote. Feels like he should marry Linda Johnson or something.
:: Daniel Negreanu – Had he pulled out a win in the WSOP-E Main Event or a bracelet over the past two years, would probably be in the discussion. Not this year though.
:: Scotty Ngyuen – Getting our vote. He’s done enough.
:: Erik Seidel – Tough one. Biggest “on the fence” guy for us. Definitely deserves election into the Twitter Hall of Fame though.

What do you think? Has Ivey done enough? Who is a lock? Who would you vote for?


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  1. Chinaman

    September 2, 2010 7:04 am, Reply

    This thing really needs some more qualifiers to keep it from being totally irrelevant in half a decade. An idea would be to include a mandatory minimum age – requiring a player to be at least 40 if not 50 years old. Essentially, you’ve got too many candidates who are qualified for this thing under current voting qualifications.

    Obviously Phil Ivey – the Larry Bird of poker – and Daniel Negreanu deserve election if only because their WSOP success and exposer rivals or exceeds that of most other players. But, if you induct everyone based on recent success and television time, you run the risk of being left with a field of unrecognizable nobodies is really short order.

    I can see it now, with every obvious choice gone in the next few years we’ll end up being faced with a slue of poker trash – as my buddy Fan would call them. A bunch of candidates like all those one-off DBs who got three minutes of airtime during the 2003 WSOP, the kind of sordid characters Norman Chad likes to prop up because of their status as grimy old gamblers, even though they, for anyone who has ever spent any time in a poker room, represent the worst of the poker world.

    Obviously poker doesn’t deserve to be elevated to such lofty heights in the first place. It’s a game where the lousy and degenerate succeed. But, if we’re going to pretend that players deserve to be immortalized, we might as well make the Hall of Fame induction process that much more difficult.

  2. Da Man

    September 2, 2010 11:07 pm, Reply

    I vote for Rachel Nordtomme the rest can GTFO. There are too many nominees. And Phil Ivey busted out of the same WSOP event this year with the same hand (KK) before me so if he can’t do any better he ain’t a HOF player.

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