The 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Seem Pretty Cool

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The 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition models had their annual release party/bash in Vegas last night.

While new WCP fave Esti Ginzburg was there, host Dave Farra failed to grab her for some words (particularly, how she felt about being in the running for the 2010 WCP Girl of the Year).

Regardless, most of the girls at the event were surprisingly cool and down-to-earth…and single and drunk. Some highlights: Dominique Piek and Christine Teigen were hammered (read: easy), Genevieve Morton has the best real boobs you might ever see, and Cintia Dicker, a ginger, almost caused the brain in our collective penis to explode. Hmmm…she’s a supermodel with a flawless body, but she’s got red hair and freckles, why am I crying while I have sexual relations with her? Why does it feel like my soul is evaporating. This is weird…


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