2010 WSOP Main Event: The Good, Bad, and Mehs for Poker (UPDATED)

With the eliminations of William Thorson and Redmond Lee, there are now only just 20 remaining in the 2010 WSOP Main Event.

We don’t have enough info on everyone left in the field to do a full Good, Bad, or Meh for Poker list yet, however, here’s where we’d split the Goods and Bads as of now.

Good for Poker (aka – The Double Rainbows)
Michael “The Grinder” Mizrachi: Easily the biggest name of the group remaining. If he were to win the $50k Player’s Championship and Main Event, it would probably qualify as the greatest WSOP performance in one year–ever. And it’s something that would never be repeated.
The Intense Stare of Scott Clements: Under-the-radar pro with a WPT title and two bracelets. Probably deserves more mass recognition than he gets. UPDATE: He’s out. Looks like he’ll be under-the-radar good for a little while longer.
Fokke Beukers: He may have been eliminated, but his presence is still felt by everyone in the so-called media and within the Amazon Room.
Brandon Steven: The dual first-namer is a humanitarian of the year. Solid character guy. “Well-spoken.” And ESPN loves him and is going to feature the hell out of him during broadcasts.

Bad for Poker (aka – The Non-Rainbows)
Hasan Habib: Think if Sammy Farha and Vinnie Vinh spawned a kid without fashion sense or an insanely talented cashing chair.
Pascal LeFrancois: French Canadian. ‘Nuff said.
Filippo Candio: He’s going to feel the Joe Cada/Jamie Gold luckbox wrath after his sick 7-5 vs. AA suck-out vs. Subiime. Plus, he’s got some slightly shady stuff in his past regarding one of the online sites.

Meh for Poker (aka – The Single Rainbows)

Not sure where we stand yet on potential N9’ers Joe Cheong, Filippi Candio, Adam Levy, and John Racener. Or the other dudes we don’t know. Working on it. Anyway, double rainbow all the way.

We’ll be updating the list throughout the day. Chime in on what you think (and why) in the comments section.

In other news & notes:

:: Not sure if we’ll see any of the shady agenting and logo switching like we did last year, when Dennis Phillips and Michael Carroll (???!!!) convinced Eric Buchman (and Buch’s gf), who had committed to a Tilt deal, to switch allegiances to Stars. Or when Joe Cada ditched UB for Stars. However, given the 3 logos per TV table rule, and the fact that only Stars and Tilt are paying to patch anyone right now, we expect some shuffling.

:: No dirt. None of the Jeff Shulman throwing the bracelet in the trash type stories going on. No Hasan Habib shadiness. Nothing.

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  1. veeRob

    July 17, 2010 4:20 pm, Reply

    Joseph Cheong is GOOD for poker. I met him earlier this year, and he is one of the nicest guys on the circuit. He’s been grinding online for quite some time under the name subiime, and he won a MiniFTOPS last year. He also picked up a WSOPC ring at Rincon earlier this year. The kid is on a tear. Great attitude. He deserves a win.

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