2010 WSOP Preview: Year of the Woman(TM)?

Who will claim this year's Last Woman Standing Cup?

Ever since Ty Stewart we coined 2010 to be the Year of the WomanTM, it seems to have picked up some steam within the so-called poker “media.”

So we want to know: what women do you expect big things from at this year’s WSOP. Will a woman win a bracelet? Annie Duke? Maria Ho? Annette Obrestad? Jennifer Harman? …Trishelle Canatella?

What woman that we’re not aware of right now will make a strong showing this year?

Who will win the Last Woman Standing CupTM?

Who will be among the new batch of Girls on the Rail? Will we see THO Girl again? Ass Girl? Will Brad Garrett’s girlfriend not wear a bra again?



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