2010 WSOP Prop Bet: Andy Bloch vs. 24 Cupcakes for $25,000

Andy Bloch (left foreground) attempting to eat 24 cupcakes in 90 minutes to win 25k.

It wouldn’t be the summer in Las Vegas without a series of ridiculous awesome prop bets. The latest comes courtesy of Howard Lederer, who challenged Andy Bloch to finish two dozen gourmet cupcakes in 90 minutes in return for $25k. In the grand scheme of eating prop bets, this one is pretty minor, but what makes it a touch more interesting is Andy Bloch is playing the $5,000 Shootout while attempting the challenge.

Our unofficial poll of people seated close by reveals there’s no way he pulls it off.

(Not sure how we became all Andy Bloch all the time, or Kristy Arnett for that matter, but we’ll try to move on. From Andy that is, not Kristy.)

UPDATE (from @howardhlederer):

@Andy_Bloch quit at 6. I have offered 5k for 15 and 10k for 20. Don’t think he’s going to try.

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  1. Fred

    June 2, 2010 6:45 pm, Reply

    Good lord, when are you losers going to find a better way to display pics. The current way is horrible. I bet you 25k that a 3-legged dog could do a better job of presenting pics than you yahoos.

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