2010 WSOP Tournament of Champions Top 20 Voting (So Far…)

Doyle Brunson is not surprisingly among the fan favorites so far in the WSOP TOC voting.

The WSOP released its top 20 names (so far) in the Tournament of Champions fan voting today. Here’s the list:

Doyle Brunson / Johnny Chan / T.J. Cloutier / Allen Cunningham / Antonio Esfandiari / Sam Farha / Chris Ferguson / Barry Greenstein / Joe Hachem / Jennifer Harman / Dan Harrington / Phil Hellmuth / Phil Ivey / John Juanda / Howard Lederer / Daniel Negreanu / Scotty Nguyen / Greg Raymer / Huck Seed / Erik Seidel

Some pretty surprising results (so far). Let’s break them down into three categories:

1. Where the Eff Are They? Some names we’re surprised are not in the top 20 (yet): Chris Moneymaker, Peter Eastgate, Joe Cada, Erick Lindgren, Dennis Phillips. (<–joke)

2. Seriously? People Care About These Guys? Some names we’re surprised are in the top 20 (so far): Sam Farha (over Moneymaker? did we lose a war?), Dan Harrington, John Juanda (deserves to be there just didn’t think people cared), Huck Seed (ditto).

3. Really? Greg Raymer? …Really? Greg Raymer.

As it stand right now, it’s a competent list that won’t make good TV unless Hellmuth, Negreanu, Ivey, etc. make the final table. We’d like to see some of the online guys who mix up play and go hyper-aggro (Prahlad Friedman, Annette Obrestad, Jason Mercier, and OMGClayAiken, for example) get in there, but it’s probably not going to happen, now matter how many free-throws Spirit Rock can drain in 60 seconds.

Also…Raymer and first-class a-hole non-fan-favorite Farha (just vote for Men the Master while you’re at it) over Moneymaker? Did we mention that?

Who are you most surprised isn’t in the top 20 (yet)?


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  1. LiSA

    April 16, 2010 5:25 pm, Reply

    and if they do it this way every year it will be so boring…just let the real winners play (current winners). give them an extra reason to win a bracelet. maybe more will play the lower buy-ins if they know there’s a million dollar freeroll in it.

  2. Da Man

    April 17, 2010 12:52 pm, Reply

    Predictably boring list. No Ted Forrest… lame. He’d break most these dudes. TJ Cloutier is is so past his prime he’s become easy to nail to the wall. But I like Huck Seed in there he’s solid and should get more props.

  3. Ax

    April 17, 2010 8:56 pm, Reply

    It would be great if there was a campaign to get Barbara Enright, the most overlooked woman in poker, in there. She has more than 30 major tournament wins (a record for a woman), was the first to win a WSOP open event, the first to win two ladies championships, the only woman to make the final table at the WSOP main event, the only woman to win a best all around, the only woman in the Poker Hall of Fame, etc., etc.

  4. Johnny

    April 19, 2010 8:15 pm, Reply

    I think they should create a sister tourney to this, a “Tournament Of Donks”

    Create a 50,000 max entrants freeroll on Full Tilt, and have the Top 20 from that go straight to a televised table. People with no basic concept of what they’re doing, bad calls, fumbled chips, friends & family final table.
    Pure comedy.

  5. used-to-read-WCP

    April 20, 2010 2:54 pm, Reply

    I used to think you guys were cool until you started ragging on Farha. The man is the essence of cool at the poker table, ye have some nerve to think that ye have any right to talk bad of him.
    Bookmark deleted.

  6. Sammy Fan

    April 20, 2010 4:55 pm, Reply

    So fess up WCP. What did Sammy Farha do to you guys to deserve your hatred towards him? Huh? Tell us…

  7. Brad

    April 21, 2010 8:39 am, Reply

    Hey Sammy Fan, I guess you’re not aware of what a complete and utter ass Sammy Farha is at the table and how he berates dealers for no reason and sucks at tipping. Just google around or watch him play sometime…then ask yourself if you’re still a “fan”

    • Sammy Fan

      April 22, 2010 4:28 pm, Reply

      I did all of that and I’m still a fan. I hope Sammy doesn’t tip you the next time he sits down at one of your tables at the Waffle House.

  8. Nick

    July 7, 2010 3:06 pm, Reply

    I’ve got to agree with Sammy Fan on this one. I’ve heard two stories centering around Farha and dealers. One is that he spit on one (Which is really ridiculous when you think about it. There’s no way Farha could spit on a dealer and be allowed to play in the casino again. I don’t care what the rake is.) And the second story was that he didn’t tip. Okay, I get that, from a customer service standpoint, it’s not altogether cool to not tip. But is it against the law? No. It’s a gratuity, and it’s offered if the person feels like doing it. It’s certainly not enough of an infraction to have the man’s name dragged through the muck.

    I’ll admit I voted for Farha. I also voted for Ivey, And Brunson, among others. I admit to voting because I like him as a player, and he’s good for T.V. But I also voted for him based on his record.

    Yes, Chris Moneymaker won it all in 2003 and changed the face of poker. The 2003 WSOP got me playing, and I’ve played ever since. But I didn’t start because of Moneymaker’s win. I started because of Farha. If Sammy Farha hadn’t been at the final table of the 2003 WSOP, I wouldn’t even have watched it. And I had no idea, at the time, who was the winner, so I was rooting for Farha the whole way.

    Back to the original statement…Yes, Moneymaker took it in 2003. AND WHAT HAS HE DONE SINCE THEN? I snuck a peek at the Cardplayer tournament stats before I began writing this. Since 2003, Moneymaker has had one live tournament finish in the 6 figure range. The 2004 Bay 101 Shooting Stars Tournament, where he finished 2nd to Phil Gordon, and got 200k. Since the 2003 WSOP Main Event, Moneymaker has only made 1 WSOP final table. Also in 2004, in the 5k PLO event. And he finished in 10th place, so he didn’t even make the official final table. The rest of Moneymaker’s cashes have been middling amounts in a handful of WPT events and one at the heads-up poker Championship. And, as of how, he hasn’t made the money in the WSOP main event since winning it in 2003 (Sammy Farha cashed again in the 2005 WSOP)

    And Farha? Yes, he made one bad play at the 2003 WSOP and it likely cost him the win. But since, he’s collected two WSOP bracelets, banking almost 900k for the wins. To top that off, to get his second, he had to defeat Phil Ivey heads-up. That’s not a feat to disparage. A third final table in 2009 in the Mixed event, where he finished 6th. 3rd and 5th place in the National Heads-up Poker Championship (And lost both his matches to the eventual winners, Huck Seed and Ted Forrest) and even a few cashes on the WPT.

    Bear in mind, I’m not trying to downplay Moneymaker’s win. He got lucky a lot, we saw that during the coverage. But obviously there’s a lot of play we didn’t see that got him to the final table. To be WSOP champion is a rare feat. But, on the other hand, because he won and Farha didn’t, is it fair to downplay the numerous accomplishments that Farha has added to his poker career because he didn’t win in 2003? Is it fair to ridicule voting in a now 3-time WSOP bracelet winner just because Moneymaker topped him in 2003? Guess I shouldn’t have thrown my vote in for Doyle Brunson, I mean, he hasn’t won it in in years, and when he did, the fields were so small…..;)

    If winning the main event is all it takes, then, does that mean Chris Moneymaker is a better player than, say, Phil Ivey or Allen Cunningham? Sure, they’ve banked their share of money, but both have been at the final table of the WSOP and both failed to win. If Moneymaker’s win overshadows what Farha has accomplished, then, does it also overshadow Phil Ivey’s accomplishments? Allen Cunningham’s? After all, it’s easy to win a WSOP bracelet, right? That’s why Moneymaker has…One?

    While I was saddened to see Farha bust in 24th place in the TOC, I do not regret voting for him, and if the style continues, I’ll vote him in again. With several million dollars and 3 WSOP bracelets now, I think he’s got the credentials to be there.

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