2010 WSOP Tournament of Champions Viral Video Contest

Well, we’ll give her an “A” for effort at least.

Jennifer Harman continues to put out viral videos campaigning for a seat in the 2010 WSOP Tournament of Champions. Her first video was brilliant in that in panned down to a gratuitous shot of her boobs. Now, had all of her videos done the same, we’d be like, “Fellini…Scorcese…Harman…greatest filmmakers of all-time?” However, the last two (the latest one above) are trending in the wrong direction. We know Jennifer can do better, but sometimes when you set the bar really high out the gate, you’ve got nowhere to go but down.

And it got us thinking: we know the rest of the TOC-eligible poker pros out there can do better too.

So let’s circumvent some of the twitter and facebook spam that will undoubtedly hit us in the run-up to the WSOP TOC June 15th voting deadline by you eligible pros and cut to the chaseTM: with permission begrudgingly given by the WSOP to use their registered trademarks (for real, and those C&D letters from Memphis make great bathroom reading) Wicked Chops Poker is offering all eligible TOC participants a chance to produce a viral video that could, potentially, get them into the top 20 in fan voting. We’re looking at you Prahlad Friedman, Jeff Madsen, Dutch Boyd, and etc.

Eligible bracelet winning pros, submit your TOC viral video idea to wickedchopspoker @ gmail.com. We will select the best, RawVegas.tv will produce it, and foot the bill. That’s right, you don’t even have to use any buy-in money for it.

The deadline for idea submissions is Monday, May 31st at noon PST. So get on it.

And view the current top 50 vote-getters here.


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