2010 WSOP Update: Praz Bansi Wins Second Bracelet

We chimed in on an Andrew Feldman chat on ESPN yesterday, and Mike from MN wanted some GOTR pics, so we hope a little Liv Boeree On the Rail works for you...

You’ll be hearing this from us a lot over the next four week, but “lots of tournament action” going on at the Rio. Here’s the latest 2010 WSOP recap…

:: Event #3 ($1,000 NLH) – Aadam Daya (two A’s, really?) of America’s Cap banks $625,872 and his first bracelet by defeating Deepak Bhatti ($385,106) heads-up. Get full results here.

:: Event #5 ($1,500 NLH) – Praz Bansi wins his second bracelet (first coming back in 2006) and banks $515,501. Vincent Jacques comes in second for $320,913. Get full results here.

:: Event #6 ($5,000 NLH Shoot-Out) – Day 2 of this event was loaded with some big names–unfortunately none of them won their next round to make it to the final table. Neil Channing and Nicolas Levi are among the remaining. See the rest here.

:: Event #7 ($2,500 2-7 Triple Draw) – The final table is set with David Chiu as big stack (436,000). He’s followed by Peter Gelencser (400,000). Get full chip counts here.

:: Event #8 ($1,500 NLH) – A total of 2,341 played down to 270. Josh Schlein is the Day 1 chip leader with 127,300. Some notable big stacks include but are certainly not limited to Jean-Robert Bellande (89,200), Phil Hellmuth (84,700), Johnny “Cliff Josephy” Bax (74,000), and what the hell, you remember Aaron Kanter? (55,400). Get full chip counts here.

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  1. Chinaman

    June 3, 2010 10:41 am, Reply

    I believe I deserve my own personal update on this page given the horrible beat I suffered in the 1k event and the fact that my children will only be able to eat rice and beans (every other day) for the next month.

    Five minutes before the dinner break on day one – that’s just shy of six hours of play – I’m seated with just under 11k in chips, which was above the average at the time. Long story short, this crazy Asian woman who called herself “Star” four bet all in with AK. I called with AA for my tournament life. 10 on flop. Queen on turn. Jack on river.

    I shit you not. Would have been one of the chip leaders at dinner.

    Now, chinaboy I and II won’t be able to go to college, chinagirl won’t be able to attend etiquette school and chinawife will be subject to more frequent beatings.

    I also saw Devilfish trying to play guitar during the second break of the day (Sunday). I told him he sucked safely behind a crowd and he told me to fuck off, that dick.

    Thanks a lot, fucking Star.

    • Charles Rogers

      June 3, 2010 8:43 pm, Reply

      That really sucks Chinaman. I would have paid money to see you dime out Devilfish though.
      Also, Entity: What are your opinions of this WSOP so far this year? Better than last year? So-So?

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