2011 LAPC Underway: Vinny Vinh Still Alive, Among Event #1 Chip Leaders

Lingering 2011 LAPC Event #1 question: Will Vinny Vinh let his chair do the talking on Day 2?

The 2011 LAPC kicked off this weekend with a $335 NLH event that brought in a massive field of 4,179 (and total prize pool of $1,191,015).

A total of 82 survived the four Day 1 flights. While the remaining field is a fairly anonymous assortment that includes more Nguyens, Phans, and Trans than a Vietnamese phone book, one name certainly stands out from the pack: Vinny Vinh.

Possibly inspired to earn his tour card in that newly announced but yet-to-be-named professional poker league/tour/thingy, Vinh will take the 28th biggest stack into Day 2 play. Whether or not he lets his chair take him to the finish line remains to be seen.

Get a full 2011 LAPC Event #1 breakdown here.


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