2011 Wicked Chops Awards: SrslySirius Wins Best Poker Rapper

Congratulations to SrslySirius, winner of the 2011 Wicked Chops Award for Best Poker Rapper.

The prolific and talented Sirius ran away with the award–capturing 71% of the vote.

Brett Richey, who has put out a couple of solid tracks this year, came in second.

Srsly’s latest creation is above. View more of SrslySirius’s work here.

Says SrslySirius:

First, I’d like to thank everyone that came before me: Master P Pearson, Easy E-Dog, and all the other legends of the poker rap game. Without their contributions, none of this would ever have been possible. This result is special. A plurality would have done just fine by me, but I am truly humbled by the major landslide victory. The poker electorate has spoken louder than any guttural verse I have ever recorded. I can only hope that White Noise misses the cut again next year so I can repeat.

Seriously, I am honored by the nomination and humbled by all the support I’ve received. This is the first award of any kind that I’ve ever received, and it means a lot to me. Thank you Wicked Chops and everyone that voted for me.

Girl on the Rail of the Year Award will be announced this weekend.


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  1. james pasque

    December 10, 2011 2:26 pm, Reply

    Srsly should give Barry Greenstein lessons on how to write an acceptance speech.
    1. He kept it short
    2. He included humor
    3. He didn’t list all the games he plays.
    3. He didn’t sing “Cats in the Cradle” to his son.

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