2011 WSOP Main Event: Day 1A Brings In 897; Fred Berger Leads

The 2011 WSOP Day 1A field looked more packed than it really was, as 897 entered.

Note: for a full Day 1A recap, go here.

The 2011 WSOP Main Event kicked off Thursday, as Day 1A brought in a starting field of 897. While the naysayers would nay say that 897 is about a 20% decrease from Day 1A last year, we say that 897 is around a math math math 7% increase over the number of entrants in the entire starting field (839) in 2003. Sooooooo….yeah. Still means we should see over 5,000 total entrants when all is said and done though.

Fred Berger (although not the same kind of burger as this effing guy likes) is listed as the overnight chip leader, stacked at 209,500. Fred is an old-school Vegas guy, with over $1M in career earnings and a 2002 WSOP bracelet to his credit.

He’s followed by Shane Sigsbee with 182,600.

For complete 2011 WSOP Day 1A coverage, as well as coverage of events #56 & #57 (yep, still going on), go to our content partner RISE Poker here.

Get full Day 1A WSOP chip counts here.


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