2011 WSOP Main Event Seat Giveaway on RISE Poker – Thursday 9pm ET

If you won the $9M-ish 2011 WSOP Main Event prize, you'd maybe possibly have a shot at Danica Thrall. And hey look--new Danical Thrall pics!

Not a lot of chances for U.S. American players to win their way into the 2011 WSOP Main Event online since The Events of 4/15TM.

Your best shot (so long as you’re a PC user)? RISE Poker.

On Thursday at 9pm ET / 6pm PT, all VIP members are auto-entried into a the $12,500 WSOP ME seat giveaway. One seat up for grabs. $2,500 in spending cash to help get you to Vegas, let make it rain at Sapphire, and so you can buy a human suitcase.

So sign-up for the VIP account, get auto-entry into the giveaway, and hopefully we’ll see you in Vegas.

To learn more go to RISE Poker here.

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