2011 WSOP Media Conference Call: Non-Live Blog

We look forward to the annual WSOP Media call like we do to Joanna Krupa lingerie pics. Always welcome, never gets old.

We only live blog one event each year: the World Series of Poker media conference call.

However, this makes two years in a row were previously scheduled meetings prohibited being able to at least live blog it (although we were able to listen in for bits and pieces).

However however, that doesn’t stop us from retroactively live blogging the call. With the help of some media members and the WSOP team, here are key points that were really said (and a few that weren’t) on today’s WSOP media call. To make things easy, everything that is REAL will get an * after it.

Special advance thanks for Poker News for providing us an accurate timeline of events

10:29am – Dialing in to the conference line. What would be the most awkward hold music for a call like this? We’ll say this would be most unexpected, and this would be most awkward.

10:32am – Putting pants back on. Don’t ask.

10:36am – Ok great! Let’s start the call! Seth Palansky starts the call off by saying,  “Let’s talk about the elephant in the room right now. Now I know you guys in the so-called poker media are calling what happened on 4/15 ‘Black Friday’ –but we’re with the Indians–FEATHER Indians not dot–on this one. Internally here we’re not it Black Friday, but instead we’re calling it Golden Friday. Woohooo!” Ok he didn’t say that. Or anything close to it. Instead, he said something more like, “Joining us today will be Jack Effel and Ty Stewart. We’ll take some Q&A at the end.”

10:38am – Amazing nobody has brought up Osama bin Laden yet. Or Pia Toscano‘s early Idol elimination. Two biggest stories outside of the Events of 4/15TM this past month don’t even get a word. Step up your game, poker media.

10:42am – Tournament Director Jack Effel is going over the new events, structures, and payouts (same as 2010).* Or as we like to call it, this.

10:43am – Effel talking about satellites and says something like, “It’s something to kind of give the Grinder a little opportunity to build his bankroll at a cheap price.”* Sounds like he’s talking specifically about The Grinder but he’s not.

10:44amShuffle Master will provide automatic shufflers for every final table!!!* Good news for any dealer that would’ve had Men the Master at their final table. One less thing for him to treat you rudely about!

10:47am – Ty Stewart discusses the ESPN deal signed through 2017.* Sometimes timing is everything. Good thing that contract wasn’t set to renew negotiations in May 2011.

10:48am – Ok this is legit. The WSOP is live streaming 55 final tables and expanding their overall ESPN coverage.* The new TV platform may be the biggest WSOP coverage news since 2003. Every event gets streamed. The WSOP is and will likely always be the premier event in the industry, and they’re firing bullets right now to corner the market, provide a fans additional access to coverage, and (theoretically) box out future competitors.

10:49am – This quote from Ty is key: “We think people love this game of poker and that they are starved to play. We expect this summer is going to give this industry its swagger back.”* Good stuff. Hope so. Quick tip of the hat too to Caesars CEO Gary Loveman, who has kind of been crushing it publicly about getting online poker regulated at the Federal level. He’s to Federal online poker regulation what Rajon Rondo is to playing through pain.

10:50am – Some old sponsors, some new. Fortunately for our photographers, Jack Links Beef Jerky is sticking around (they are the juiciest).* Miller Lite replaces Milwaukee’s Best Light and will have a branded bar with the “Man Up Girls.”* New sponsor is Dearfoam Slippers.* Every person who enters the Main Event will get Dearform Slippers.* Greg Raymer is already planning on wearing his with socks and shorts.*

10:53am – The Chip Reese Rule is now official. You must be at least 40 years old to make the Poker Hall of Fame.* So who gets in this year? Are there any locks? Not sure if he’s deserving yet, but feels like the community will rally around Barry Greenstein.

10:55am – Woo-hoo! Q&A session. Best part. Annual +/- on Gary Wise questions? Line set at 2.5.

11:10am – Ok, well, lots of questions about Golden FridayTM. Apparently that was a big deal or something.*

11:20am – Just received this link and shocked that Jerry Buss didn’t make it or this guy.

11:25am – Trying to find just the right hot girl image to go with this post. Hardest part of the job, really.

11:32amFound her! Joanna Krupa bails us out again.

11:39am – Matt Waldron asked whether or not Caesars views other  summer tournaments as competition.* Ty responds with: “You mean those tournaments that don’t have a name yet?”* Maybe they’re combing Aristotle quotes to just the right name.

11:40am – Looks like we’re going under on the Gary Wise +/-.

11:45am – The question is about if there are any media access changes. And there is not. Whew. Dodging bullets like Phil Hellmuth there, because that means one thing: More Girls on the Rail!*

And on that note, we’ll end the fake live blog. Looking forward to the WSOP and we’ll start rolling out some of our own announcements about our coverage in the coming week(s).

Read more (real) live blogging coverage here.


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