2012 WSOP Media Conference Call Live Blog

Girls on the Rail is expected to be a focal point of conversation on today's WSOP media call.

The 2012 WSOP will hold its media call at 1:30pm PT / 10:30am PT. It’s our one live blog we do each year. Here we go…

10:30:01am – The call did not promptly start at 10:30. Given we’re at least 10 minutes late for every meeting, hard to complain about it.

10:31am – And we’re off!

10:32am – Seth Palansky intros and passes the mic to Ty Stewart. Disappointed that Ty did not begin the call self-anointing himself as Commissioner.

10:33am – Ty says that they’re “not gloating.” Translation: they’re gloating.

10:34am – Ty says that “poker is here to stay.” Also here to stay: The Internet, phrases like “ridic” “obv” and “kewl,” and apparently skinny jeans.

10:37am – Not here to stay–this conference call. Ty dropped for 10 seconds.

10:38am – Jack Effel is in the house. He begins his statement by singing that he’s this.

10:39am – Ok maybe he didn’t do that.

10:42am – Effel running down the new tournaments and events. They’ve also added 90 new tables for side events and tournaments. WSOP/Rio trying to keep as much action in-house as they can (and away from Venetian, Bellagio, etc.) Good for players, good for bottomline. WSOP always finding ways to make some cash.

10:45am – Effel says there will be more table talk allowed. You can say anything you want regarding the contents of your hand so long as you don’t expose yourself your hand. They want people to loosen up more. And there is some loosening up of the excessive celebration rule as well. Hopefully this doesn’t lead to the reemergence of one Barry Paskins. Actually, hopefully it does.

10:50am – That was efficient. Already going to questions. +/- on Gary Wise q’s is 1.5. Oskar Garcia at 2.5. Dan Cypra gets in first and says he “loves this day every day.” Day by day.

10:52am – Ty says that “poker is not a church.” But Scientology is? How’d this happen.

10:57am – Will men be allowed to play in the ladies event? Yes. Oh well.

11:02am – Only the final table will have live streaming. The Tuesday night ratings of the pre-packaged shows took a hit, so the move should help boost those ratings again (as those shows last year we’re essentially an edited re-air). But every hand of the final table will be broadcast.

11:07am – One headline out of 2012 WSOP: Seth jokes that it’s “Jack Effel’s weight loss.” Ty says it’ll be a “$200m total prize pool and record breaking WSOP.”

As long as it’s not, “Terrorists underwear bomb Amazon Room” we’re pretty much OK with anything else.

11:09am – No formal plans to honor Amarillo Slim. See if that sticks.

11:14amThis is funny.

11:20am – WSOP expects the $1M buy-in to reach its 48-person cap. That’ll be a massive first place prize. They’ve already received deposits (though not full amount) for many players.

11:22am – Let’s just say it’s possible we won’t see Chris Ferguson’s banner around.

11:24am – In the clear! WSOP.com does not stand for Wicked Series of Poker. Whew.

11:25am – Love that Kevmath’s phone buzzer keeps going off. The buzzes you hear is poker information and data being directly transferred into the computer database embedded in his brain.

And that’s a wrap…less than a month till the start of the WSOP. Appropriately, the call ended with Ty singing this. For real.


2 Responses

  1. Chad Sexington

    May 8, 2012 11:09 am, Reply

    Only the final table will have live streaming? That’s horrible. It was great watching all the non-NL final table streams last year.

  2. Kevin Mathers

    May 8, 2012 11:37 am, Reply

    There’ll be live streaming of several final tables, with David Tuchman leading the commentary.

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