2013 WSOP: Johnny Bax Wins Bracelet #2, Allen Cunningham Goes for #6

Johnny Bax punched in his second bracelet.

Johnny Bax punched in his second bracelet.

With math math math 47 events going on simultaneously each day, it’s getting hard to keep track of all the new bracelets winner. If not hard, at least semi-erect.

Here’s the latest…

:: Event #9 ($3,000 NLH Shoot-Out)Johnny “Cliff Josephy” Bax took down a final table that included David “Bakes” Baker and Tim West to capture his second bracelet. Bax earned $299,486 for the win. Get full results here.

:: Event #10 ($1,500 Limit Hold’em)Brent Wheeler of Illinois (read: non-pro) defeated a friends and family final table TM (save Eric Froehlich, who was going for his third bracelet) to earn $191,605. Get full payouts here.

:: Event #11 ($2,500 NLH Six-Handed) – Another day, another Canadian wins a bracelet. Levi Berger, who our reader “Curtis” would likely also describe as a little “off,” defeated The Intense Stare of Scott Clements heads-up to capture his first bracelet. Berger banks $473,019. The Intense Stare of Scott Clements had his eyes intently locked in on bracelet #3, but will instead take home $292,339 for second. Get full results here.

:: Event #12 ($1,500 Pot Limit Hold’em) – The big story here is alien Allen Cunningham resurrecting himself to go after bracelet #6. We expect big things from Cunningham this WSOP. Just sayin’. He’s second in chips going into the final table. Follow the action here.

:: Event #13 ($5,000 7CS 8oB) – Some big names remain among the final 20, including Gavin Smith, Mike Matusow, David “Bakes” Baker, the least Muslim sounding name in the world Yuval Bronshtein, and Joe Tehan, whose name still sounds too much like Tehran for our liking. Get full chip counts here.


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