2013 WSOP Main Event Day 1A: Under 1,000 Enter; 584 Survive

The Fuku Burger truck is the hot WSOP food of choice this year.

The Fuku Burger truck is the hot WSOP food of choice this year.

The 2013 WSOP Main Event kicked off Saturday at the Rio in Las Vegas.

The WSOP had expected around 1,000 to enter Day 1A, and the official number came in just South of that (as of post-time we don’t know the exact total). We do know that 584 survived the day.

We also know that Evan Panesis finished Day 1A as big stack with 190,975. Who is Evan Panesis…here’s what we know:

  • He’s either a huge Kris Kross fan or a slight douchebag since his Twitter handle is MacDaddy344.
  • He lives in Charlotte.
  • Like Barry Greenstein, he claims to be a high-stakes poker player.
  • Like Barry Greenstein and F-Train, he digs the Asians.
  • He’s got $69,000 in live tourney earnings.

Anyway, to paraphrase Merch, “Enough with the jibber jabber, show me some titties.” With that in mind, here are some notable Day 1A big stacks: Steve Begleiter (110,725), Olivier Busquet (87,775), Dan Fleyshman (82,825), last year’s champ Greg Merson (81,650), Scott Fischman!!! (74,625), Elisabeth Hille (57,825), and Phil Galfond (54,250).

To date, there has been no Fokke Beukers sightings.  

Get full chip counts here.

In related news, that $10k PLO tourney is still going on and will anti-climatically culminate with a winner by tomorrow. Get full chip counts here.

In related related news, we’ll be posting a new series on Vine called “Six Seconds or Less,” a documentary about Rick Pitino’s sexual staying power where we interview personalities and players at the WSOP. View the first one of Lance Bradley at Fuku Burger here.


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