2013 WSOP Main Event Day 2A/B: Nick Schwarmann Leads; Brunson, Merson Thrive

All eyes are on Doyle Brunson (not pictured) making a deep Main Event run.

All eyes are on Doyle Brunson (not pictured) making a deep Main Event run.

Fuck us if we’re wrong, but according to our math math math skills, approximately 1,880 players started 2013 WSOP Main Event Day 2A/B and 800 survived.

Nick Schwarmann ended play as chip leader, stacked at 413,600. He’s followed by Jason DeWitt with 382,900.

We’ve seen this drill before at the WSOP where a ton of notables are big stacks but fall off before the final table. Having said that, really seems like a lot of notables among the bigs this year. The two most notable of the aforementioned notables are last year’s champ, Greg Merson (275,600) and two-time champ Dennis Phillips Doyle Brunson (224,000). A lot of buzz inside the Rio about these two making runs.

How much buzz? We asked Merch for a comparable:

I’ve told you about Old Man Jenkins’ moonshine, right? Well one night back in ’99, about six months before Y2K, or as I like to call it, The Willenium, we had an end of the world party. Old Man Jenkins was an eternal pessimist, prickly bastard, and wanted to get a jump start on the end of days. Anyway, we mixed that moonshine with some grape Kool-Aid. Come to think of it, we probably made the original Purple Drank. Anyway, that was a potent mix to say the least. Yada yada yada I couldn’t sit down in a chair for 3 weeks.

Other notables include ex November Niner Steve Gee (300,600), Tony Gregg (254,000), Adam Friedberg (ginger who cried) (246,600), Johnny “Cliff Josephy” Bax (200,900), Annette Obrestad (196,600), Liv Boeree (158,800), Ivan Demidov (157,600), Phil Galfond (135,000), and Elisabeth Hille (114,300).

Get full chip counts here.


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