2013 WSOP Main Event Day 5: 68 Remain; Rustom Leads; Glazier Last Woman Standing

Carlos Mortensen has his sights set on another Main Event title.

Carlos Mortensen has his sights set on another Main Event title.

We’re down to 68 at the 2013 WSOP Main Event.

Leading the way after Day 5 is Sami Rustom with 7,005,000. Rustom you may recall from nothing previously. He’s from Diamond Bar, CA and has just over $43,000 in lifetime tournament earnings. Rustom is follow by Marc McLaughlin with 6,695,000. McLaughlin isn’t that well known, but he does have three top 100 Main Event finishes in the past five years.

Jackie Glazier, a woman, wins this year’s Last Woman Standing CupTM. Glazier told BLUFF that, “Being the last Australian (means more) as far as my home country. I think I’d rather I had more than one female going to the final table.” She continued by showcasing Australia’s clear morally casual attitude by saying, “That would have been great, I’m not greedy. I can share.” Glazier starts the day with a threesome 4,045,000, good for 12th overall. What does Merch make of Glazier as this years Last Woman Standing? Glad you asked:

Growing up, my three favorite movies in no particular order were Deliverance, Young Einstein, and Crocodile Dundee. Turned out that two of them movies were Australian. In particular I became quite a fan of Yahoo Serious, who wrote and starred in Young Einstein. I imagine I’m not alone here. Me and my friends talked in Australian accents all summer, saying stuff like, ‘Put a muskrat on the barbie’ and ‘I believe the opossum ate your baby.’ So seeing Jackie Glazier win Last Woman Standing reminds me of yonder years, especially flipping through Old Man Jenkins’ secret stash of dirty mags and the titties part.

Carlos Mortensen is the last former Main Event champ in the field. The 2001 winner climbed up the leaderboard after starting the day among the short-stacks. He ended Day 5 as the 35th biggest stack at 2,665,000.

Plenty of other notables in the field as well. [……….], who like Mortensen is an ex WPT Championship winner, finished 11th overall with 4,065,000. Online superstar David Benefield is stacked at 3,675,000. Noah Schwartz, another WPT champ, has 3,595,000. Our old-time fav the spectacularly-breasted JC Tran has quietly built his stack to 3,280,000, good for 28th overall.

A N9’er from last year, ninth place finisher Steven Gee, is impressively still alive, with 1,360,000. And Brett Richey is clinging on with 690,000.

Notable knock-outs towards the end of play included Annette Obrestad, a woman (89th – $71,053), Brandon Steven (91st – $59,708), and Marvin Rettenmaier (99th – $59,708).

Get full chip counts here.


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