2013 WSOP Media Call Live Blog

Long live WSOP Media calls, Churchill Downs, and Vikki Blows.

Long live WSOP Media calls, Churchill Downs, and Vikki Blows.

It’s that time of year again! It’s the annual WSOP Media Call live blog.

Why do we still do it? Who knows. We have no idea. It’s like chlamydiae. Just won’t go away.

The call will feature WSOP Executive Director Ty Stewart and WSOP Tournament Director Jack Effel. And hopefully Seth Palansky will say something inappropriate.

10:01am PT: Every year we suggest new hold music. Something to liven the crowd up. How much better would the call be if this year started with this.

10:02am PT: Seth doesn’t disappoint! Russ Hamilton joke right out the gate.

10:03am PT: Ty Stewart makes a “it takes a village” comment. Must be a joke. Ty hates woman. And children. And villages.

Kidding kidding.

10:06am PT: It takes a village? Crescendo? Who is Ty’s speech writer? Jess Welman is that you?

10:08am PT: Wait a freaking minute? BLUFF is SPENDING money? 18 months ago they couldn’t pay writers. Now they’re dropping buy-ins?! Long live Churchill Downs.

10:10am PT: Ty wants to increase bracelet event exposure. Hopefully it’s not the same increased exposure that Captain Tom Franklin allegedly does on girl’s backs.

10:12am PT: Ty makes a Sam Chauhan working the grill at poker kitchen joke. Hopefully Sam doesn’t berate the burgers for being lazy and uncommitted to juiciness.  Then he hopes that Doyle Brunson “pulls a Brett Favre” and comes back again. Whew. Thought he was talking about a Brett Favre-Tom Franklin dick reference. Love Doyle. Don’t want to see a Doyle dick pic though.

10:15am PT: Just finished googling “charity.” Ty spent a lot of time discussing that. People do that stuff? Wow.

10:18am PT: Mic has been passed to Jack Effel. He mentions that he expects a lot of “open face Chinese poker” being played. Chinese Poker basically does this to degenerates.

10:22am PT: Thank God the Carinvale of Poker has NOTHING to do with this.

10:23am PT: Q&A begins! Favorite part. First question is about security rules. Huh? Show of hands about who cares about this. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting…

10:24am PT: Dan Cypra at Pocket5‘s asks about the wsop.com launch. No commitment, but probably the summer.

10:25am PT: Um, not sure what Shapika is asking here. She might be married to this guy though.

10:32am PT: Ty says the Main Event will never be a re-entry.

10:42am PT: The live streams won’t be in “god mode” as Ty puts it–so not every hand will be seen. Favorite thing about the WSOP crew is they love them some spite. Can relate.

10:43am PT: This Las Vegas Review Journal writer has hijacked the call. Shut the eff up already. Didn’t pay attention to anything previously said. Using Ty and Seth as his own personal Wiki page. Expect his next question to be, “So, what’s the deal with hold’em? You get two cards face down?”

10:56am PT: No other WSOP events on ESPN except Day 3 of the Main Event. Lots of representation on live streams and WSOP-Circuit, etc.

10:57am PT: Interesting, no betting on players/action at the sportsbook this year. Wasn’t enough time to execute.

All right, good times. Till next year…


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