2013 Year in Review: Rise of The New Poker Media

Come on Poker Fuse, would it kill you to post a few pics like this?

Come on Poker Fuse, would it kill you to post a few pics like this?

As “sort of” members of the so-called poker “media,” we’ve always been fascinated by the evolution and trajectory of our niche industry.

Back in 2011, we wrote about the changing of the guard in poker media–and provided thoughts on how our industry would shake out post Black FridayTM.

As we approach 2014, it feels like we’re in the midst of another sea change.

Old school sites like ours, Pokerati, Tao of Poker, Poker Pages, and newer old school sites like Subject: Poker, Diamond Flush and even QuadJacks, just ain’t what they used to be. Less readers. Less influence. Or gone away all together.

Industry leading sites like Poker News continue to evolve and even grow their audience, offering a pu pu platter of hit or miss content.

As a whole though, Alexa ratings for almost all sites are down. And there’s been a new cycle of go-to sites for good content.

In 2013, a few sites stood out to us as the clear industry leaders providing the right mix of content and influence.

BLUFF – Amazing what a little cash infusion from CDI and getting rid of Eric Morris’ bumbling influence can do for an industry stalwart. We’d argue BLUFF is at the pinnacle of its game right now, which is an impressive feat for a product that’s been around for almost a decade. Kudos to Lance Bradley and team for consistently churning out great magazine and online content.

Online Poker Report – We REALLY like what Chris Grove is doing here. As we became more immersed on the business side of the industry and moved away from our media roots, we rely on sites like OP Report to provide news that we use to look smart in meetings.

Poker Fuse – Bravo. Add a few pics of hot girls and a snarky comment here and there, and Poker Fuse feels like what WCP would be if we had ever dedicated ourselves 100% to the site. Given our opinions of ourselves, that’s high praise. Also, having met Michael Gentile and Jeff Walsh, the Fusers are among the more “normal” guys we’ve met in the industry.

There are plenty of other outlets doing good work (tip of the cap to Card Player for its continued transformation from whipping boy to legit source), but for our money, BLUFF, OP Report, and Poker Fuse crushed 2013.


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