2014 WSOP Main Event: Jacobson, Smith Continue Dominance



With only 27 remaining in the 2014 WSOP Main Event, the question galvanizing the poker community is: “Which players that I onlly marginally care about will make the November Nine?”

Ok, the cupboard isn’t that bare. There are some legit “good for pokers” in the field (we’ll address this later in the week with our annual Good, Bad, Meh for Poker column). But the remaining field does lack some in the luster department overall.

However, we’re not going to gripe about the field like this is some $235 tournament taking place in the Amazon Room during the Main Event. Let’s go full-on Jeffrey Pollack and “celebrate” who remains.

Take Martin Jacobson of Sweden. Jacobson has found himself at or near the top of the leaderboard since Day 1-Freaking-A. We joked that Jacobson needed to slow his roll and that you can’t win a poker tournament on Day 1. If Jacobson proves us wrong, the amount of spite we’ll have towards him will border on epic. Martin, ask around about our spite. Just ask. You’ll hear the stories. Then think again about trying to win this tournament. We don’t like being wrong.

Jacobson goes into the final day of pre-N9 play as the chip leader with 22,335,000. He’s followed by Luis Velador of Corona, CA with 16,600,000.

In fifth overall is “The Tiger Woods of Foosball” Billy Pappaconstantinou (14,640,000), inventor of the Pappaconstantinou ContinuumTM, which takes the Moneymaker Effect and builds on it towards a second, more powerful boom.*

Dan Smith, who has has hovered around the top of BLUFF’s Power Rankings for what seems forever, has been a big stack for most of the tournament as well. He enters Day 7 in 7th overall with 10,355,000.

Other notables include Mark “Stiles” Newhouse (11th – 6,820,000), Leif Force (18th – 4,035,000), and yeah.

Get full chip counts here.

* The Pappaconstantinou Continuum has still only been proven in theory. There are many factors involved in it becoming a scientific fact, including Pappaconstantinou actually winning the Main Event and people (as Johannes Kepler would famously describe it) “giving a fuck” about it.


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