2014 WSOP Main Event: Lacking in the Luster Department

Stiles is making another run!

Stiles is making another run!

The 2014 WSOP Main Event is down to 291 players. We just scanned the list and would be hard pressed to identify 9 “names” that could potentially make a captivating final table.

Like Slim Pickens, it’s slim pickins out thereTM.

Now, that doesn’t mean that many, many interesting stories won’t emerge. For example, still alive is inventor of the Stansifer EffectTM, Tim Stansifer. Yes, he’s among the shortest stacks in the tournament (134,000), but a win by him could drive middle-aged engineers to the game in droves.

Then there’s Mehrdad Yousefzadeh (or “Danny” as he’s known in the underground NYC card games he frequented–which we’ve been told were sometimes built around his generous donations). Yousefzadeh, whose name looked like a 10-month old pounded at the keyboard in an uncontrolled spasm of activity, is stacked at 1,703,000.

Stansifer and Yousefzadeh trail overall chip leader Matthew Haugen with 2,808,000. Hailing from Chicago, IL, Haugen has just over $490,000 in live tournament cashes, $75,000 of which have come at this year’s WSOP. Good news for the game’s growth: he’s a young, normal-looking white guy.

Some notables that remain include and are basically limited to Dan Smith (6th – 2,229,000), Brian Hastings (11th – 2,079,000), Leif Force (13th – 1,987,000), Mark Newhouse (27th – 1,301,000), Isaac Baron (29th – 1,275,000), John Kabbaj (35th – 1,200,000), Rep Porter (65th – 931,000), Kevin MacPhee (100th – 748,000), Brain Townsend (108th – 730,000), Alex Outhred (115th – 714,000), Jonathan Aguiar (147th – 599,000), Maria Ho (162nd – 544,000), Jeff Madsen (193rd – 419,000), just cause he’s from Athens, GA, Kory Kilpatrick (233rd – 300,000), David Einhorn (239th – 284,000), and John Monnette (270th – 163,000).

Or put another way, Ty Stewart woke up this morning, did 12 Hail Marys, and prayed for Maria Ho, Jeff Madsen, and Alex Outhred (and Tim Stansifer) to double-up a few times.

We’d also argue any final table is better served with Mark “Stiles” Newhouse at it.

But you get the point. There’s not a ton of marquee public names. However, maybe that’s a good thing (we’re looking at you, Stansifer).

Speaking of aforementioned marquee names, Phil Ivey was obviously knocked out, going down in 430th for $25,756. John Juanda went out in 293rd for $33,734.

Get full chip counts here.


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