2014 WSOP: Millionaire Maker Becomes Largest Single Day Poker Tournament Ever

The Millionaire Maker broke records while Phil Hellmuth goes for another one.

The Millionaire Maker broke records while Phil Hellmuth goes for another one.

Poker is a trend.

As in, it’s trending upwards.

The 2014 WSOP Millionaire Maker II* ($1,500 NLH) event drew 7,977 players, making it the largest ever single day entry poker tournament. The only live poker event that has drawn a larger crowd was the 2006 WSOP Main Event (8,773). Internally, WSOP officials were rumored to be content with 4,500 entrants, so math math math, this exceeded expectations. Last year’s Millionaire Maker drew 6,343. 

First place will collect a whopping $1,319,587. 

A total of 1,466 survived to Day 2. Notable big stacks include Matt Glantz, Greg Mueller, Doc Sands, The Intense Stare of Scott Clements, Scotty Nguyen, and making a re-appearance on the scene, the man the myth the legend, Black Phil Ivey, Big Sldick, the one and only Dwyte Pilgrim. Get full chip counts here.

In other tourney news…

:: Event #3 ($1,000 PLO)Brandon Shack-Harris from Chicago won his first bracelet, banking $205,634. Steve Billarikis, who started final table play as chip leader, finished fourth ($57,785). Get full results here.

:: Event #4 ($1,000 NLH) Kyle Cartwright of Bartlett, TN outlasted a field of 2,223 to bank $360,278. Ylon Schwartz finished third for $157,855. For thoughts on Bartlett, TN, we asked resident Tennessee expert Merch:

Awwwww…good ol’ Bartlett. Bartlett, which is part of Shelby County, brings back fond memories. Actually, I don’t remember any memories of Bartlett, come to think of it. Can I tell you a story? No? Well ok. See one time I went to Bartlett, which is part of Shelby County, with Jimmy Cottonwood and Cotton Jimmywood. I believe they were cousins, twice removed. I wanna say on their mother’s side. Anyway, we went to the Davies Manor Plantation house. Can you hyperlink that for me? They pay me a silver nickel per hyperlink. Thanks. What was I saying? Oh yeah, a little known secret, but Davies Manor has a basement with some of the finest turpentine-based alcohol you can find. However, it turns out that turpentine-based alcohol isn’t good for you because turpentine is basically poison. Chalk this one up to a hard lesson learned. Yada yada yada four weeks of intensive care later, ol’ Merchdawg is only sticking with moonshine. And bourbon. And turpentine. Ok some lessons you need to learn a few times.

Get full chip counts here.

:: Event #5 ($10,000 2-7 Limit Lowball)Tuan Le came out of nowhere to win this one and claim his first bracelet. Le, who has two WPT titles to his name and was known for his uber-aggression, hasn’t had the same results the past few years as he did during poker’s TV heyday. However, he had an impressive run through a stacked final table to bank $355,324. Le defeated Justin Bonomo ($219,565) heads-up for the bracelet. Eli Elezra came in third ($144,056), Nick Schulman fourth ($99,015), and Phil Galfond sixth ($51,538). Get full payouts here.

:: Event #6 ($1,500 NLH Shoot-Out) – Down to 12 in this one, Josh Arieh is the main notable. See who else is left here.

:: Event #7 ($1,500 Razz) – This final table is all about Phil Hellmuth. The Poker Brat goes for bracelet #14 on Sunday, entering final table play second in chips with 314,000. He only trails Greg Pappas with 391,500. This is another stacked final table, with David Bach third (290,500), Brandon Cantu fourth (176,000), Ted Forrest fifth (171,000), and Brock Parker sixth (138,500). Follow final table action starting 2pm PT Sunday here.

* Electric boogaloo

** Photo credit: Joe Giron / WSOP.com


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