22 Hours Later, John Juanda Wins WSOPE Main Event

Here’s what happened during the time it took to John Juanda to play out the final table and win the WSOPE Main Event:

  • The OJ Simpson armed robbery trial finally went to jury, meaning he’ll very soon finally do some jail time. [link]
  • Citi was set to acquire Wachovia… [link]
  • …but that was scrapped when Wells Fargo swooped in with $15B. [link]
  • Sarah Palin had completely lost all credibility with most of America… [link]
  • …then regained it (somewhat) with an above-average VP debate performance. [link]
  • The Senate passed along an economic bailout bill to the House loaded with pork. [link]
  • California decided they needed a $7B loan too. [link]
  • Rachael Ray might’ve given "handjobs" a new nickname: buttering the corn. [link]
  • Bill O’Reilly goes after friend-of-online poker Barney Frank, calling him a "coward." [link]
  • Steve Fossett‘s remains are found after he goes missing…a year ago. [link]
  • And it turns out the main reason men cheat is because we’re so sensitive. Wtf? [link]
  • And it’s actually business as usual for the Chicago Cubs. [link]

Otherwise nothing happened.

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