2+2 Isn’t Done Banning

Gary Wise banned from 2+2Resurrecting a story that should’ve died a month ago, 2+2 poobah Mason Malmuth has apparently banned respected ESPN poker journalist Gary Wise (at right) from his once popular poker forum.

The reason?

According to Wise, it was because he allowed Neverwin Poker’s Todd Whittles (aka Dan Druff) to participate in an ESPN.com poker think tank. As you recall, Druff, along with Bryan Micon from NWP, were banned last month from 2+2 after the whole Sklansky-Brandi dramabomb.

Responding to backlash from 2+2 members for banning Wise, Malmuth attempted to clear the air last night by claiming that Wise was not banned because of the Dan Druff association, but instead, because he allegedly promoted himself on the forum.

Says Malmuth on 2+2:

Wise has been a self promoter, he has already been given a few vacations for spamming, we have given him a second chance more than once, we have had very bad personal communication where he has accused me of hating him and yet I didn’t even know anything about him at that time, and so on.

Without ranking Wise through the mud, we’re giving him yet another chance to come back. So it’s up to him.


2+2 members however aren’t buying Malmuth’s explanation, saying that he is being “disingenuous” and that Wise is “a valuable member of the community,” “one of the very best (posters on 2+2),” and “one of the true nuggets of greatness (on the forum).” They also point out that Wise’s account status still shows that he is banned, which you can see here.

In related news, stay tuned for the unveiling of the Wicked Chops Poker forum this summer.


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  1. WSOP Wannabe

    April 12, 2008 10:02 am, Reply

    Mason Malmuth vs. Gary Wise
    Sorta like choosing a president, whichever way you go, you still get a pile of crap.

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