2+2 Will Ban You

Gotta admit, we kind of saw this coming.

Taliban_2plus2With the latest Brandi Hawbaker dramabomb blowing up in David Sklansky’s face, 2+2 has gone all Taliban and has starting banning people from their popular forum.

And by "people," we mean "people who write about the latest Brandi Hawbaker dramabomb."

NWP’s Bryan Micon has been banned. Dan Druff was banned as well, much to the protest of 2+2’ers. And we’ve received emails from none other than Brandi herself revealing other bans because they are a "Known Brandi Hawbaker associate."

A forum is a forum and a business is a business. If you want to ban someone from your site it’s well within your rights to do so, no matter how douchy it is.

And we get some of the motivation as to why the bans are happening. When people are posting private photos/saying thing about someone that you probably didn’t want ever getting out–and for good reason, which is why we won’t post or link to those photos despite receiving emails about it from numerous people–then you could see this all unfolding and realize it was about to get ugly.

But like we posted last week, David Sklansky is too old to be getting himself involved in this stuff, and he kind of brought it on to himself, which makes the bannings ultra-hypocritical. In fact, he should probably ban himself from the forum just to save face. Actually, 2+2 head honcho Mason Malmuth has more or less done that already:

We are also not happy with the performance of David Sklansky. From his point of view he was just trying to defend his family life, and I can emphatically state that the many problems and issues that have been stated on some of these forums are not true. However, in response to all of this, David has promised me not to post for a while, and when he does return, he will stick to strategy topics in the appropriate strategy forums where he certainly has a lot to offer. I will personally make sure that this is the case.

Read that full post here.

If there’s a moral to this whole story it’s this: Since the beginning of time, pretty girls always have always caused wars, and it’s still happening today, even if it’s juvenile banning wars involving a 60 year-old man on a poker forum.  


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    March 6, 2008 3:50 pm, Reply

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