34 Poker Tournament Millionaires in 2005

Cash_1 Want more proof that poker parallels a sport like golf more than some ready-to-flame-out-fad? Follow the tournament money.

According to Card Player, 34 players won more than $1 mil in tournaments during 2005.  This is up from 22 in 2k4–and amount of tournament money to be won has climbed every year this century.

The number does not include Internet players such as a Thomas Keller…or roughly half of Scandinavia.

Now look at golf.  Golf had 78 tournament millionaires this yearIn 1996, the year before the latest Tiger-led-boom really kicked in, there were nine.   

Card Player’s list of top 2005 poker money winners includes many a name that made the WSOP ME final table.  Others, such as Phil Ivey, climbed the list by making five major event final tables.  The top 10: 1) Joe Hachem – $7,614,022, 2) Steve Dannenmann – $4,350,000, 3) Phil Ivey – $3,333,426, 4) Tuan Lee – $2,856,150, 5) John "Tex" Barch – $2,528,085, 6) Michael Mizrachi – $2,472,439, 7) Michael Gracz -$2,292,271, 8) Nick Schulman – $2,241,995, 9) Rehne Pedersen – $2,112,200, 10) Mike Matusow -$2,009,225.


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  1. Kings Of Vegas

    January 9, 2006 12:45 pm, Reply

    Poker-Playing Millionaires – spreading like the bird flu

    This really isnt helping to dispell the fad status of Poker like we hoped.
    WickedChopsPoker, citing Card Player, reports that 34 players won north of a million dollars in 2005. To put that into a bit of perspective, their were 78 tournament g…

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