60 Minutes to Air Online Poker Hatchet Job This Weekend


Well it’s finally going to air.

After filming the piece at the WSOP this summer and supposedly set to air on November 9th (which they ended up delaying), CBS is ready to broadcast it’s online poker hatchet job (as we first reported) this Sunday.

The story is called “The Cheaters” and will obviously detail the Absolute Poker and UltimateBet scandals. Here’s the descript from the website:

60 Minutes and The Washington Post reveal how online poker players suspecting cheating were forced to successfully ferret out the cheaters themselves. That’s because managers of the mostly-unregulated $18 billion Internet gambling industry failed to respond to their complaints. Steve Kroft and The Washington Post’s Gilbert Gaul report.

Check out Dan Druff from NWP in the below clip.

(ironically, Michael Phelps will be on this show as well in a separate story)

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